Jan 5, 2011

The effects of Medical Marijuana THC and Cannabidiol experiment and their application to vaporizer design

This video shows an experiment where a patient is intravenously delivered a high dose of THC and Cannabidiol one day and just THC alone another. The effects show symptoms of psychosis when the THC is taken alone. This experiment seems to show a medicinal relationship between the two compounds being taken in combination. This information can also shine some light on some of the qualities that make up a good medical marijuana vaporizer.

Medical Marijuana / Marihuana has 4 main compounds. They vary in concentration from strain to strain but for majority the most common compound is delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol or hereafter THC-8 followed by delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC-9. The other two major compounds are cannabidiol CBD and CBN. Both cannabidiols are found in concentrations of less than 2% in most strains with a few sativa strains having a higher (up to 7% reported) concentration of CBG.

The first compound vaporized is THC-9 which has the lowest boiling point of 157C or 314.6 Fahrenheit. It's properties include being an Analgesic, Euphoriant, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, as well as a Antiemetic. Marijuana strains harvested too late will have lower possible concentrations of THC-9. When you examine medical marijuana under a jewelers loop or magnifying device you can see how far developed the trichomes are. Choosing medicine with more clear and opaque trichomes versus amber glands will have a higher possible concentration of THC-9 keeping in mind that it does vary from strain to strain as well. Using a jewelers loop to inspect you medicine is highly advisable if you obtain it from a dispensary. A quick look can see signs of mites, growing medium or hairs, try another strain if you find these problems.

The second compound to vaporize is  cannabidiol CBD with a boiling point of 160-180C or 320-356 degrees Fahrenheit. It's properties include being an Anxiolytic, Analgesic, Anti-psychotic, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antispasmodic. Here we see the first Anti-psychotic compound available and it's dramatic effects in the video. It is found on average in 1% concentrations. Higher amounts in sativa strains with longer growing times and in lower amounts in hybrid indicas and strains with shorter growing times (less than 8 weeks).

The last two compounds have almost the same vaporization temperatures and make up the majority of the medicinal concentrations in medical marijuana. THC-8 has a boiling point of 175-178C or 347-352.4 degrees Fahrenheit and has similar properties as THC-9 but is less psychoactive while having a more stable Antiemtic. THC-8 makes up about 60-90% of the vapor you inhale and is the major medicinal compound in medical marijuana.

The final cannabidiol CBN boils at 185C or 365 degrees Fahrenheit. It's main properties are Oxidation, Sedative, as well as being an Antibiotic. It is this higher temperature cannabidiol that gives the calming sedative effect of medical marijuana. This effect is sometimes not desirable in a treatment plan and indeed some users are quite sensitive to this compound. By using the Happy Vappy MEDI 360 Vaporizer a user can reduce this compound from vaporizing and thus would not gain any sedative effects from their medical marijuana. Which is great if you have a busy daytime schedule.

While there are numerous more compounds in medical marijuana, these main 4 provide it's medicinal profile. It is worth noting that strains that have too high a concentration of THC to Cannabidiols will produce more anxiety and less overall sedative relief than that of a well balanced medicinal strain. Other factors in varying medical qualities include the nutrients and growing medium used for the marijuana and even the spectrum of lighting available to the plant. Some terpens do not develop in indoor gardens because the UV spectrum is not supported by most High Pressure Sodium growing lights. This multitude of variables makes choosing the proper medical marijuana very important.

Happy Vappy Vaporizer Company produces medicinal marijuana vaporizers to take full advantage of these compounds and their efficient and effective delivery. With 3 different temperature set medical units running at 360, 370 and 380 degrees Fahrenheit the user can choose the optimal method of delivery based on their daily prescription needs. The Happy Vappy MEDI Medical Marijuana Vaporizers feature a 250mg dosing chamber and 10 degree temperature windows to give repeatable, safe dosing use after use. Happy Vappy also offers a digitally adjustable vaporizer which enables the users to control the medicinal experience even further through precision push button temperature control.

The choice in using a short delivery system can allow for users to take advantage of particular compounds. A typical "bag" style vaporizer like a Volcano will mix all of these compounds together having them interact for a duration (30-45 seconds) of time before the user can access the "bag". It is this duration that degrades the medicinal value of the vapor by allowing it to condense and cling to the "bag" all while having maximum time to interact chemically. Coupled with the thermal instability of the plastic "bag" itself and it is little wonder why the "bag" style delivery failed to outperform a standard marijuana cigarette in this Medical Marijuana Vaporizer Delivery Study. The Study concludes that the shortest delivery system possible is best.

By taking into account a users prescriptive needs and various compound vaporization temperatures Happy Vappy is able to design the best Medical Marijuana Vaporizer available.